Possible new rental rules for Grand Haven area

The Grand Haven area is a very desirable area that attracts a lot of tourism. According to a City Council member, short term rentals in the area are on a steady up rise. Since April, they have increased by 7.5 percent. The city council has implemented a temporary moratorium on new short-term rental regulations to allow for further inspection and consideration of capping the number of short term rentals.

rentals are on the up rise
rentals are on the up rise

According to Bradley A. Fowler in an article found in the Grand Rapids Legal News, home rental companies such as VRBO, HomeAway, and Airbnb are surpassing in number and scale to some of the largest hotel chains. It use to be that short-term rentals were predominately found in peak tourism areas and seasons. Now all kinds of travelers are passing on the classic hotel and looking for a unique and more cost-effective lodging option. Chances are if you look at any of the home sharing sites, you will find a few in your community. This is causing some issues that some say need to be addressed. According to Vacation Rentals: Regulations, Standards & Practices Blog, opponents of short term rentals say that it is promoting unlawful renting and removes affordable housing that would typically be on the market. They also claim that short term rentals are taking away from the character and integrity of neighborhoods with sudden surges of unfamiliar people and nuisances. Proponents of short term rentals say that they rely on rentals for income and help increase tourism in their area by promoting their rental and all that the area has to offer.

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