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2017 Holland and Saugatuck Real Estate Statistics–the year in review…

As we look back at our year along the west Michigan Lakeshore from Saugatuck, Holland, West Olive, and greater Zeeland areas, one cannot help but feel pretty good about the state of real estate in our area.  Many areas saw double digit gains in average sale price, year over, in condos and single family homes, as inventory continues to be low and demand in houses continues to rise.

The “lakeshore” region, which covers along Lake Michigan and east about 2 miles from North of the Holland Channel, Macatawa flats, and up to just south of Grand Haven saw an increase in average sale price of 36% in average sale price for single family homes, the largest sub-area increase.  Average sale price went from $313,632 to $429,508.  Condos in the area increased an average of 14% from $299,350 to $343,250.

The greater Laketown township region saw the second biggest increase, up 21% from an average sale price of $233,720 to $284,961 in single family homes.  Condos in the area increased 13% from $156,317 to $177,582.

Holland City, which has been on fire for the past few years did not disappoint in 2017, increasing 19% from $159,176 to $190,232 fro single family homes.  Condos in Holland City area were basically flat year over with a marginal increase from $218,523 to $219,129.

The Saugatuck Douglas areas saw a modest increase in average sale price, up 6% from $365,934 to $388,164 for single family homes.  Condos in Saugatuck and Douglas were also up 6% from an average of $259,436 to $276,055.

The greater Zeeland area was up 9% year over from $223,485 to $245,445 for single family homes, and 14% increase for average sale price of condos.

Overall the greater region increased 11% year over for single family homes, and 10% for condos.

Here’s to another great year along the West Michigan Lakeshore!Lake Michigan Real Estate

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