West Michigan Lakeshore Real Estate Sales Statistics through 6/22/16

West Michigan Real Estate

I know you have all been waiting the news…what does the real estate market look like along the West Michigan Lakeshore as the summer selling season is upon us?  Here is a breakdown of statistics through the first 6 months (almost).

Property Sub-Type: Single Family Residence
Total Active Average Sale Price
Area Last Year This Year PCT Last Year This Year PCT
Holland Saugatuck 1994 1717 -13 207,368 218,583 +5
Mason Oceana Manistee  1906 1712 -10 132,929 129,518 -2
Muskegon County  2426 2126 -12 117,761 122,429 +3
North OttawaCounty  1030 1009 -2 221,336 253,888 +14
Southwestern Michigan  4437 4232 -4 181,211 188,674 +4
Property Sub-Type Totals:Single Family Residence 11793 10796 -8 171,515 180,580 +5

It’s a case of lower inventory and higher sale prices across almost the entire board.  It’s just a matter of time before the market improves in the Mason Oceana and Manistee areas.  The real estate market tends to ripple north from the south along the lakeshore.  The greater Grand Haven Real Estate market seems to have kicked into high gear.  Inventory is stable and sales are up a strong 14%.  Seems the secret is out on this fabulous beachside community.

I think we actually have a pretty healthy market right now, as prices don’t seem to be accelerating at too fast of a clip, and the fact that mortgage rates remain low keeps owning a home a very attractive endeavor.

If you would like to know the value of your home with a much more detail than the graph above, feel free to call either Mary 616-638-3390 or Kersh 616-212-8418.  We work the entire coastline of West Michigan and know each market very well.

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