How to Change Up Your Home to Make It Your Dream Sanctuary

Our homes should be the one place we feel most at home in; hence the phrase – home is where the heart is. And if it’s not the type of place that you want to escape to when life gets a little crazy, Michigan Homes and Cottages wants to show you how to change it up so that it can be all that you need and more.

Design a Space that is Perfect for You

If you want your home to reflect your personality, then you should make the adjustments so that it is a place you can come home to with a longing in your heart. Moreover, these changes don’t have to be major either; it’s often the subtlest of changes (when done well) that can transform your space into something magical. For example, a simple splash of paint can transform the look of a room instantly. Or if you want to deviate from paint to something a little more sophisticated, then peel-and-stick wallpaper should do the trick.

Furniture can also play a big role in how a room is perceived. Of course, comfortable furniture is a must if rest and relaxation is your goal. And this doesn’t need to be expensive either; you could upcycle old furniture to make it look brand new. But suppose you are thinking of creating an office space that is functional yet peaceful. Then you should ideally source furniture that is practical, meaning that it should be good for your posture first and foremost. Then, select items that fit your style and space.

Add Touches for Your Lifestyle

Plants are an excellent addition to any home. Apart from it injecting some life into a space, they are great for the air quality within your home which can also end up benefiting your focus levels too. Moreover, it is a trending design feature worldwide.

Add products that suit your lifestyle, too. Find home product reviews online for items like recumbent exercise bikes to support your fitness goals, or toddler-friendly kitchen tools to encourage family friendly home dining. The last thing you want to do is waste your money on inferior items, but online resources allow you to screen your purchases thoughtfully.

Fix Your Lighting

While natural light is always a winner, there are other types of lighting that can boost the mood of a room just as well. For example, pendant lighting can add that touch of elegance to a room. But it can also be used to highlight an area or space within a room quite nicely. For example, you can hang it so that it’s suspended over a kitchen island or dining room table to create a focal point of interest. Furthermore, there are a variety of pendant lighting styles to choose from in terms of styles, colors, and finishes so you can pick and choose depending on the theme you’re going for.

Lighting will play a crucial role in your office space. If it’s too light and bright, it could be distracting; if it’s too dim or warm, you may just find yourself nodding off despite your best intentions. 

Create an Outdoor Space You can Brag About

When it comes to creating a space that you truly kick back and relax in, few other spaces within your home can compare to your backyard – provided you’ve made the effort to transform this into your perfect oasis. Creating a kitchen outdoor area that’s ideal for the outdoor chef who loves to entertain is a great starting point, to begin with. Here, you’ll want to focus on creating an outdoor cooking space that comes with all the amenities that would be any home chef’s cup of tea such as a BBQ grill and hood, a refrigerator, and a sink to wash up in. 

Creating a home you’re proud of is going to require some work if you haven’t tended to it in a while. However, it will be every bit worth your effort when you can’t wait to come home to it at the end of the day!

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