Why You Should Get That Carpet Cleaned Before Putting Your Home on the Market?

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Making the decision to move is often a difficult one. Not only do you have to deal with the emotional side of things and make preparations for life in a new location, but if you’re a homeowner, you’re likely going to need to sell your home. And even when buyer demand is high, selling your home quickly at a price you’re happy with is no easy feat. Whether you’re showing your home virtually or in person, you need to make a great first impression on buyers.
Decluttering, curb appeal, and renovations get a lot of attention when it comes to getting a home ready to sell (and rightfully so). But there’s another aspect that you don’t want to overlook when prepping your home: the condition of your carpet. Clean carpet can quickly woo buyers while dirty carpet can turn them off faster than you can say “stain.” That’s why we at Michigan Homes and Cottages have put together this information to explain why professional carpet cleaning is essential to the home selling process.

Bringing in a Professional

Regular vacuuming and cleaning are essential as a homeowner. But oftentimes, it’s not enough. There are simply too many things that can spill and too many underlying issues that you may not be able to see. If your carpet has stains, dirt, and/or odors that you can’t get rid of, you should consider hiring a professional carpet cleaning service before putting your home on the market.

A qualified professional will be able to get to the bottom of whatever’s going on and figure out how to clean almost any type of stains and odors you can think of. Remember—they do this every day, and the issues with your carpet are likely ones they’ve seen many times before. A typical carpet cleaning will cost $120 to $230. Before you hire a carpet cleaner, verify that they are insured, and ask them what you can expect from the process, such as what cleaning methods they use and how long the job will take.

Health Concerns

More times than not, a stain or odor in the carpet suggests that there is something deeper going on. Allergens like dirt and dust are hard to see, but they can negatively impact your home’s air quality. Expect potential buyers to consider that, especially if they have allergies or asthma.


Looks matter when it comes to selling a home. After all, would stain-filled carpet inspire you to sign the dotted line for a house? While doing regular maintenance and cleaning yourself can help remove surface stains, a professional can clean every fiber of the carpet, resulting in carpeting that looks brand new.


The odors that come with dirty carpet can be just as bothersome to buyers as the looks. Chances are your stained carpet has some funky smells (hello pet urine!), even if you can’t detect them because you’re used to them.

Moving In

Last but not least, having your carpet cleaned means one less thing for potential buyers to worry about if they purchase your home. And you can trust that they will pick up on that. There are enough things to deal with when buying a home, so having fresh carpet will help the process go more smoothly for potential buyers.

If you’re planning to sell your home, getting your carpet professionally cleaned should be a priority. Along with enhancing aesthetic appeal, it also makes for a healthier living environment. And buyers will appreciate that it’s something they won’t have to deal with if they choose to purchase your home. Along with working with a top-notch real estate time like Michigan Homes and Cottages, make the decision easy for potential buyers by bringing a professional in to make your carpet like new.

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