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These Are All the Budget-Friendly DIYs You Should Tackle During the Pandemic

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While restrictions are lifting in many areas, it’s arguably safer and less stressful to continue staying home. But for many folks, that means finding ways to stay busy without leaving the house. Fortunately, there are tons of budget-friendly DIY projects you can enjoy that make your time in quarantine more productive.

Clean Up Your Garden Area

Heading outside to the garden is beneficial for both your emotional health and physical wellbeing, notes UNC Healthcare. Getting sunshine helps top off your vitamin D stores, and you may also burn some calories. Plus, weeding and tending an existing garden doesn’t cost a thing.

Add Mulch for a Neater Yard

Mulch is one of the cheapest ways to improve your yard and garden’s appearance. Installing mulch helps freshen up your garden area, accentuates plants, and adds curb appeal. With curbside pick-up, you may find it easy to grab gardening supplies at your local hardware or home supply store.

Use DIY Hacks to Get Rid of Pests

Whether you’re struggling with indoor or outdoor pests, banishing them for good is an excellent way to spend your time at home. Farmer’s Almanac recommends household ingredients like diatomaceous earth (for ants and stinkbugs) and hot peppers (for aphids) to get rid of creepy crawlies.

Order Online to Save

Ordering online is the new normal, whether you’re grabbing food to go or working on home improvement. And thanks to stores with free shipping, you won’t have to pay additional fees to get the items you need. You can even find promotional codes and discounts to make your project even more affordable.

Start with Seeds

You can easily bust your budget by splurging on full-grown plants and even trees. But a cheaper way to DIY is to start with seeds. You can order seeds online and grow them at home, which makes gardening that much more rewarding. Whether you’re starting vegetable seeds for a new garden or trying your hand at perennial flowers, you can start enjoying yourself even before the first bloom.

Want more of a challenge—and one that’s free? Use leftover scraps from store-bought produce to begin growing.

Make Small Changes for Big Impact

You may not think that a gallon of paint can make a big impact, but even this budget DIY can help your house feel more like home. For example, repainting your home’s front door can help the property fetch a higher sales price. You can even touch base with a reliable real estate company like Michigan Homes and Cottages to find out if particular colors are trending in your area.

But even if you’re not looking at real estate listings or considering a move, a gallon of paint can go a long way. Elements like an accent wall can brighten your space and won’t take multiple trips to the paint store, either.

Want to Go Big? Replace Your Flooring

A DIY re-flooring job may take some time and effort, but it doesn’t need to break the bank. Plenty of cheap flooring options—like vinyl or carpet tiles—allow you to install at your own pace. In many cases, ripping out flooring is the toughest part of the job, but it’s also free. Choosing an inexpensive flooring option helps upgrade your home’s ambiance without requiring a larger budget.

Refinish Your Furniture

Refinishing furniture is another task that takes a bit of time, but can be cheap or free. From sanding the existing surface to adding varnish, you can spend a few dollars and completely re-do an entire bedroom set. If you set up in the garage or backyard, you can spread the project out over weeks or even months as necessary. In the end, you’ll have customized furnishings that make your home even cozier for the lockdown period.

Finding ways to keep busy often means turning to DIYs around the house. With these ideas, you don’t have to overextend your budget or pass on household projects due to cost. In no time, you’ll have a more comfortable and more enjoyable home to pass the pandemic in—and you might not mind a bit.

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