West Michigan–A Great Place To Live

Surfing Lake Michigan

Having been born and raised in the very desirable Southern California beach community of Santa Barbara, one might say I have pretty high standards when it comes to where I choose to live and raise a family.  One might also think that a guy from such a sought after community might never find a place, in the Midwest of all regions, that would fit my lifestyle requirements.  Well, au contraire my friend, West Michigan had something to say about that.

Twenty years ago or so, I was introduced to the West Michigan area and was immediately intrigued by the vast, sugar sand beaches of Holland State Park; so much so that I even had to taste the water to make certain I wasn’t being duped.  No, this was indeed real coastal living, right in the heart of our country…without the salt. As I began to explore more of the west coast of Michigan, I became more and more amazed by the beauty the state has to offer; from the towering sand dunes, where one can see for miles into the open water and enjoy beautiful sunsets, to the properties right on the beach, where walking right out onto the beach sand is as easy and convenient as any coast I have ever visited

Surfing Lake Michigan
After a day of surf

Now I admit, I do focus on the fact we have water to play in during the summer and enjoy it as much as possible…Did I mention surfing the Lake Michigan is not only possible but pretty darned popular?  Not to mention, paddle boarding, kite surfing and a myriad of family oriented water activities.  From surfing the waves in the summer to surfing the snow in the winter, this area provides ample opportunities for wonderful winter sports such as skiing, snowboarding and skating. I myself have taken up snowboarding and have enjoyed lots of fun times over the past couple of years schussing down hills at one of the many ski resorts in the immediate area, none more than about 45 minutes from anywhere.

Michigan Skiing
On the slopes at Caberfae

While some may think I am crazy for moving to the Midwest from Southern California, I say I’m crazy like a fox!

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